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The Expeditionary Group is focused on providing well produced and creative content that is tailored to any situation. We are locally and globally focused steeped in service, altruism, respect and love.

Create and Cultivate

We take significant, efficient time and consideration as we create and cultivate a genuine approach to your project.

Collaborate and Produce

We believe that any form of visual art making is a process of innovation, passion and discovery and we want you to be a part of it-from conception through production till the final cut and product is complete.

Fine Tune and Deliver

Attention to detail is paramount.  We take critique with an open heart and we deliver on target and on point.



Andrew McIntyre

Founder of TEG-Producer-Filmmaker -Photographer

Andrew has a rather unique background in both acting and producing in film and television, he also has deep roots in the Global Health community and a Masters in Clinical Health Science from the University of Washington School of Medicine Physician Assistant Program.  Other passions included the game of rugby, skiing, travel, fitness and changing the world for good.



The Expeditionary Group

The Expeditionary Group is a group of artists from all walks of life, both local and internationally who join forces and creative memorable visual art to either better improve health systems with in their own community to memorable narrative films and commercials to photography that grace the walls and pages of remarkable organizations.  There are so many stories that need a voice, let The Expeditionary Group help you reach your audiences.



Please contact us via email or socialmedia.

  • Address: 1414 10th Ave Seattle WA
  • Email: andrew@theextpeditionarygroup.com