Demo Reel Editing:

I charge by number of demo scenes instead of hourly.  Right now I am charging $8 per scene.  All scenes need to be on a SD card, either mine or yours-considering that people either have PC or Mac platforms but more hard-drives don’t cross communicate well.  Please label all footage with name of film/show/commercial and director/production company or any other title info that you want me to use for each scene.  Also give me arrangement, for example, what do you want first, second, third and so on.  I usually will lay out all the pieces first for a starting organizational standpoint, this will take me a business day but the following day I will want to sit with you and we put it all together, together!  If you would prefer that we don’t meet face-to-face I can edit this to your specifications and have a ruff cut by two to three business days (depending on number of scenes) and one to two day to review for final edit.